Rafael Lima

Brazilian voice actor based in Florida



KrakenWeekend at SharksVideo GameIronsharkbody
Pastor RuddyPastor Ruddy GraciaADR/DubbingWeDubStudios
Vincent PavoneEternal ThornsVideo GameStudio Avina
Carla's DadTick Tock Time's Up Pre-lay AnimationJane Yon
SladeNeon IgnitionAudio DramaVyxenah
Yonah's DadUnder the False SkyVideo GameÄnne
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June YoonCoaching & Consultation
Fernanda CrispimClasses & Consultation
Sarah NightingaleCharacter Studies & Fantasy Narration Workshop
Erin Nicole LundquistGame Efforts Workshop

From performing arts to role playing games, I have always been an actor (despite my love and appreciation for the visual arts), which is great because it gives me a new form of expression.During my childhood, from watching Ben 10 to Power Rangers, and performing game dialogue. My spark for performing characters was lit, and I learned what voice acting was for the first time. (a lot of TV isn't always bad)My teenage years, I started recording fan projects, and took many acting classes and workshops. Eventually landing first dubbing role with a local company.During high school, I got into D&D, and cosplaying. After exploring acting adjacent hobbies, I went into the online space, auditioning, networking, and learning from professionals.Nowadays, I am a part time voice actor, and cosplayer (also soon to be Dungeon Master). I can truly say I am having fun!